The Case of Plus-Size


The Plus-Size Debate

The Plus-Size market has seen an increase in talk as more plus-size models are being put into mainstream media such as the cover of Sports Illustrated and American Apparel’s search for a plus-size model. There has also been talk about the clothing lines for plus-size women and whether or not all stores should be required to carry sizes for plus-size women. I would argue that stores should not be required to have clothing in sizes 12-36.

Economic Reasons

Plus-size clothing is expensive not make. Most designers only make their clothing in sample sizes of 2 or 4, and then stores can make them in a few sizes bigger; however, stretching these clothes to sizes 12 or higher can be difficult and costly. Most of the time these clothes become shapeless and not appealing to the plus-size audience, which means that these designers wouldn’t make their money back because according to New York Business plus-size clothes cost 10% more to make. Designers don’t want to spend the money on creating clothes that would not flatter their client and shouldn’t be forced into doing so if their specialty is focused on smaller sizes.

Choice in Stores

Just as people with lower sizes have their own stores, people with sizes higher than that have their own plus-size stores, such as Lane Bryant. These stores whether online or not offer people who fit the plus-size category a wide variety of clothing options that provide them with flattering outfits. No store should be forced to carry certain sizes because we are a free commerce society based on capitalism in which people can choose what product to sell based on which product would produce a higher profit. Just as there are only men’s stores or only women’s stores, there shouldn’t be a requirement for all stores to carry bigger sizes.




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