Addictive Toxicity


“Love the Way You Lie”- The Toxic Curse

In Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie,” her lyrics exhibit a toxic yet addicting relationship. The lyrics allude to domestic abuse and lying, yet both people in the relationship keep going back to each other. They keep going back for more even though they just get burned every time. I would argue that “Love the Way You Lie” is presenting a case that toxic relationships are addictive.

The Broken Record

In one of the lines, Rihanna says “Sound like broken records playing over but you promised her Next time you show restraint.” In these lines, she is describing the guy who keeps telling his girlfriend that he can stop that he won’t hurt her anymore, yet the idea of a broken record player demonstrates that tis promise never holds true. He just keeps repeating the same thing every time hoping that she will stay and hoping she will continue to believe the lies that are repeatedly going into her head, and it is clear that this works. The girl obviously stays if the guy keeps repeating this to her. The song continues on to say, “we fall back into the same patterns, same routine.” They can’t escape the addictive routine of their toxicity.

Watch Me Burn

With this addictive notion being played out, the girl, as sung by Rihanna, says that “I love the way you lie” repeatedly and also states that she likes to feel the pain and the hurt. I would say that people become addicted to toxicity because it means they are feeling something. Even though that feeling is pain and hurt, they still are feeling an emotion other than the numbness of losing someone that has been in their life for so long. The toxic relationship becomes a comfort because it is a habit. The relationship is something that they are relying on because they know at least that will always be there for them.







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